Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

What better day to be thankful than the Feast of the Resurrection. 
Thankful first for my family. I miss them so very much today, it being a major work day for me, and they all live far away.  In fact, can I say that I am a little sad today remembering many happy Easters together? Bunny cakes and eggs decorated and photos of going to church on Easter morning?  

Meanwhile I am very thankful for my St. Mary’s family. Seeing them is always such a joy. With one service left for this feast day, nearly five hundred folks have shown up! 
I never take their showing up for worship for granted.  Gone are the days when attending worship on Easter was what everyone did.  I know one family that is off doing a volleyball tournament today. Each person who makes it to church is a treasure. 
And then, I am so very, very thankful for all those who serve in so many ways. I would estimate that at least half of the St. Mary’s families have served in some fashion this past week.
When I left at 12.30, joining with clergy throughout the world for my afternoon Easter nap, folks were still serving at St. Mary’s.  That altar guild was busy setting up for the 5.30 Eucharist; the folks who had made the delicious (best ever??!!) Easter breakfast had just finished cleaning up; the Sunday morning fellowship queen was putting chocolates and treats away (after giving me a goody bag to go); the tellers were still counting money; the Eucharistic visitors were out taking bread and wine to those who are ill (they delivered to five persons from the St. Luke’s Hospital to an assisted living to private homes); and I’m not sure when the Vestry person of the day will make it home, before coming back at 5.30.
What I love best, I think, is that all this serving comes from a place of serving the One who serves us and loves us always and forever.
Alleluia!  Christ is risen indeed!

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