Midweek prayers

First on my list today is a thank you, God, for my awesome assistants Grayson, Felicia, Madilyn, and Abbie! (Can you tell that it’s wacky hair day?)
Today we talked about intercessory prayer–the one prayer style which comes easiest to all of us.  Of course, at the top of the children’s lists were their assorted pets–but next were grandparents and great-grandparents, both living and dead.  
We kept a chart with the names of those for whom the children requested prayers–it’s an abbreviated list because we only took a couple of minutes for requests.  What I loved was when the children began to feel free to go and add names to our station list–and of course they were invited to write their own names in their prayer journals.
Here’s photos of our prayer list–at the beginning of the day, and when the last group left.

We also had another intercessory prayer today;  Deacon Russ had a procedure this morning during our VBS session.  At our morning opening worship, Rev. Katie led the children in a prayer which we videoed and texted to Russ.  That’s intercessory prayer!

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