Praying for ourselves

It’s easy to pray for others. It’s not always so easy to pray for ourselves. So today the Visioneers are learning that intercessory prayer can include and maybe should include lifting ourselves to God.

The prayer we’re learning today was written by The Rev. George Herbert, 17th century Anglican poet and priest, one of those holy people called “Caroline Divines.”  
Teach me, my God and King, in all things Thee to see, and what I do in anything to do it as for Thee.  AMEN 

Our special intentions for ourselves is the ministry we are doing with Habitat for Humanity.  Each day the Visioneers bring coins and bills and place it in a bucket, and matched with money from St. Mary’s Outreach, we’ll be giving as much as $6000 (and who knows, maybe even more!) to help build a house for another family.  There’s a challenge of the boys versus the girls of who can give the most money. However, our prayer today reminded us that it’s not about who wins or loses, but that in bringing money for Habitat, we are a yes to what we prayed today: and what I do in anything to do it as for Thee.  

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