Ahhhhhhhh. ….Sabbath rest


I’ll admit it. I’ve been cranky lately. In fact, a parishioner called me to task yesterday for speaking sharply to her. I know I’ve not been as centered as God wants me to be.  Filling out my report for the Vestry last night, I realized that I’ve only had two days of Sabbath in the past month. Yes, it’s been really busy–but I know that’s not how God intends me to live my life, and cranky is a sure sign that I haven’t been living my life the way God has shown me is best for me. 

Thankfully, God had already looked out for me and provided a play trip to Arkansas to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. I’m at the airport, and I’ve got my electronics and have done my morning quiet amidst the hubbub of Terminal B. 

Reading the Bible with only two chapters left to finished the Bible Challenge.  My new favorite app that takes me through a process of centering prayer. Just received the DOK prayer list monthly update and had time to pray that list. 

Now seated on the plane, I’m ready for some play therapy. Thanks, God.  

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