Beauty Everywhere

Sabbath rest beginning yesterday with a fabulous lunch, walk, cappacino, and cookie in downtown Little Rock followed by a verdantly lush four hour drive through the Ozarks to Fayetteville where my traveling friend and arrived in time for two movies before a late night dinner at a food truck. Whew! Play as rest indeed. Loved both Begin Again and Chef–the music, the settings, the attention to what people loved and made their hearts sing, and the healing of relationships. 

Up this morning for coffee, scone, and morning quiet at Mama Carmen’s, a local coffee spot that was inspired by a Quatamelan woman who provided for hundreds of orphans; the coffee spot continues to give back.  Off to walk two labyrinths–a third was unavailable because it was covered with tables and chairs to feed the local hungry. 

A few detours along the way, and we arrived at our destination, Bentonville, Arkansas. We are staying in an extraordinary hotel that is actually a museum, too. Finally!!! we were at the place that had brought us from homes in Texas and Georgia to Arkansas–Chrystal Bridges Museum. There is more beauty in the very setting of this museum than any I’ve ever seen. 
Saw a movie at the museum that was accompanied by local musicians, and walked back to the car at sunset along one of the many paths that we’ll be exploring the next two days if the weather holds.  A bonus as we drove home was stopping to enjoy the art installation, Bucky Ball, observed while reclining on zero gravity benches–with fireflies punctuating the light show. 

Did I say what a day filled with beauty this was?  

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