Hospitality Everywhere

I believe since I’ve arrived in Bentonville, I’ve only opened one door to a public space (okay, a slight exaggeration). I’ve been greeted warmly by most everyone local that I’ve met. When I walked early this morning before breakfast on a couple of the trails at Chrystal Bridges, workers would stop when I came near, ceasing their tasks so as to not interrupt my walk or gaze at the art (both person– and God–made) along the paths. It is as if a town memo has gone out–love your neighbor as yourself. Or perhaps I’m in a mini-Benedictine conclave that loves treating all they meet as Christ. 

Whatever, I came here ready for some care. I live by myself and am the person ultimately responsible for a good size parish. Yes, I have people who love and give to me with generosity, but I’ve been feeling (emphasis on the word feeling) on my own more often than not lately. I’ve been ripe and open for the kindness which has surrounded me on this trip. 

I’m off to Chrystal Bridges museum for a few hours and then my best friend’s husband is treating us to massages this afternoon
Yes, I am still surrounded by beauty, and now I’m especially aware of the hospitality that God has also provided in most unexpected  places. 

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