Pilgrimage to Iona: Scotland!

Amsterdam at 5.30 AM. 

Glasgow at 10.30 AM. 
Then a beautiful drive north and west towards Oban.  Past Loch Lomond and through Inverary, Lochgilphead, Kilmichael, Kilmartin Glen, and Kilmartin. 

There we stopped to walk prehistoric sites of standing rocks, cairns, cup and ring markings, and churches dating back to the time of St. Columba.

 And, oh yes, sheep, lots of sheep, and cows and horses with long shaggy hair. 

This morning we’re off to catch our first of the two ferries of the day. God willing, worship at Iona Abbey tonight. 

Good morning God, this is your day. 
I am your child. 
Please show me your way. AMEN 

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