Pilgrimage to Iona: Oh wait! It’s Thursday.

So I guess I was more lagged than I thought. At worship this morning, I discovered that it was Thursday not Wednesday. Oh. 

After a gorgeous early morning ferry ride yesterday (which I now know was Wednesday), 

followed by a loopy drive across Mull, 
and one short afternoon ferry ride across Martyrs Bay, we were home to Iona. 
When I first saw the Abbey, I was overwhelmed by the catch in my heart and the tears in my eyes.  After forty four hours of travel, I was back. 

We walked to the Abbey last night through the nunnery by moonlight. 

The first walk to the Abbey by the sea this morning was a great way to prepare for  worship. 
I was moved to tears yet again this morning as our order of worship from the Iona Abbey Worship Book was the same one we used at St. Mary’s during Lent two years ago.  With the time difference, I was struck that I was praying whilst those I loved slept. 
Words from one of our morning hymns are good words to begin this retreat:  
Before you spoke, 
before you healed, 
before you broke the bread, 
in crowds, as in the quiet place, 
you felt for where God led. 
Not to eacape, but to prepare …….


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