Pilgrimage to Iona: A windy, blustery, rainy day

Yesterday my fitbit registered just under 25000 steps. Today not so much. 

The wind blew all day at 30-50 miles per hour, and it rained off and on. The big hikes planned for today had to be cancelled. 

My best friend and I still walked to the Abbey for Coomunion this morning and for the quiet service tonight that included centering prayer followed by Taize in the apse by candlelight. In the silence of worship the wind howled and moaned. Yet there was peace and safety in those stone walls, and a sure sense of Christ’s protection in care. 

It turned out to be a true Sabbath for this lady priest. 


Leisurely breakfast on the sun porch 
(minus the sun). 

Cappacinos and flapjack after worship.       

An afternoon writing postcards and knitting with yarn from local sheep while drinking tea and sitting in front of the fire.     
And I still got 10,000+ steps!

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