Pilgrimage to Iona: A Large Day in Skye

Three ferries later, and a lot of driving on single lane roads, in and out of lay bys for oncoming cars and lorries, we were on the Isle of Skye. 

I was unprepared for the extraordinary landscapes. This may be the most beautiful place on earth. 

My friend and I, missing the daily rhythm of worship at the Abbey, decided to use the new book of Episcopal worship, Daily Prayer for all Seasons, at moments throughout the day. Truth be told, the views of creation we are seeing could not be experienced without stopping to praise God. It is all too big. We are in yet another thin place. 
Prayers at noon day were said while hiking the Quairang. As God would have it, the hymn appointed for that service was For the Beauty of the Earth.  How could we keep from singing?


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