Pilgrimage to Iona: And on to Skye

Up before the sun this morning packing for a road trip to Isle of Skye. A final breakfast at our perfect hotel before catching the first of three ferries today. 

Yesterday was full of sunshine, and we hiked to what may be the most beautiful beach in the world on the north end of Iona. 
Doing last things–last walk around the Abbey to see my favorite places, a final stop at the Iona Community shop for a present for my brother, a stop on a bench for an ice cream cone (the second best in the world). 

Worship in the Abbey last evening was a healing service. I had a list of those I am especially carrying in my heart to offer, one by one, to God’s healing presence. 
On the wall of the alcove leading to the cloisters are these words:  

May it be so. 

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