Pilgrimage to Iona: Shining Like the Sun

God of all new beginnings, thank you for the promise of the journey. (Tom Gordon)

The sun is back and it’s a large day. 

Saying traveling mercies at breakfast to new companions who are departing today, Anne, the woman of riper years from Virginia, said, “Pray for us. You are in church a lot!”  And so I am. 

Not nearly as windy yesterday, we were off for hikes. Partly sunny, partly rainy, after the gales of Sunday, the drops on my slicker felt just fine. It’s interesting how going through one challenge makes challenges that follow seem, well, less challenging. 

We hiked to two beautiful beaches. 

Then we took off for The Hermit’s Cell. The bog one must slog through was even boggier, so we reveled in the journey through the moors rather than the destination.  A reason to return to Iona–so many places still to see. 

At dinner last evening I met yet another Episcopal priest (are there any left in the States or are we all on Iona?). Turns out he was the priest who visioned The Bible Challenge, a means to read the Bible through in a year, with a distinctive Anglican flavor. I was delighted to tell him how life-changing it had been in the parish where I serve, as many of us we began together on The Feast of Pentecost, 2013. I told him of the joy as folks shared how reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation had impacted their lives in Christ. I see their shining faces.  I thanked him for his gift to the Church. 

As we say at the Abbey

For the Word of God in Scripture, for the Word of God among us, for the Word of God within us, thanks be to God. 


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