A Day to Simply Be

Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.
~ Max Frisch

As I was proofing this blog about a day of rest, I was struck by how often I had used the word spent, as in spent the day, spent the morning, spent the afternoon, spent the evening. What is it about time that curries words like waste, use up, deplete, kill, exhaust?  There have to be better words for how we live our days.  They aren’t to be ticked away but savored and experienced and notated.  


 A wholehearted day of perfect weather on Tybee Island, and my friend and I decided to travel no farther than a mile away to North Beach– a day of lolling on an island. Bliss. 

The morning was not spent but lazed wholeheartedly in my little house on the marsh reading, writing, listening to music, and chitchatting. 

The afternoon was not spent but sauntered wholeheartedly walking on the beach, capping it off praying vesper prayers from Daily Prayers for All Seasons as folks strolled past.  Praying in public indeed. 

The evening was not spent but abided joyfully watching and laughing to Getting On, a very funny comedy about a geriatric unit of a hospital. Ice cream eating was included in the festivities. 
The sunset gift wrapped the day in God’s beauty. 
Time is a game played beautifully by children.
~ Heraclitus

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