Holy Friday: It’s all about the

It’s all about

the wood

and the nails 
and the blood 
and the water 
and the thirst 
and the waiting with 
and the staying away 
and the forgiving 
and the grief 
and the abandonment 
and the fear 
and the apathy
and the holy
and the good
and the
What is your word for the day, when the liturgical color is black?
People are in prayer. People are busy. People are distracted. 
Where are you?

From noon to three and then at 6.30 tonight people will gather at St. Mary’s to incarnate the words that we walked from Holy Thursday worship singing:
Stay with me 
Stay here with me
Watch and pray
Watch and pray. 

Bring your nail. 
Pound it into the Holy Week cross. 
Watch and pray. 
Will that nail be transformed on the Sunday of the Resurrection?

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