Occupying unoccupied time

At the Marta Station waiting for the Gold Line after the Atlanta Dream game. A happy final for Tulsa. It’s 10.30 PM after a large day. 

First twenty four hours of vacation has been all about doing the local. 
Three potters. Two local coffee roasters.   Three local eateries. One kiddie cup of ice cream. A water station that included free sparkling water as an option. 
Two movies. One museum. Lots of laughter. 
Yesterday and this morning in Athens. 
This afternoon and evening in Atlanta. 
Tomorrow to the mountains. 
So very many courteous folks abound. Offering seats on trains and other public spaces. Opening doors. Providing kind directions.   
But first I have to catch two more trains and walk to the hotel.   

The Lord Almighty grant a peaceful night and a perfect end. 

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