Watch what Jesus does

Up early before the worst heat hits to walk to breakfast at Cafe Jonah. 

Plotting the way on our iPhones, my friend and I realized the cafe was a five minute drive but only a fifteen minute walk.  Why do I automatically drive without thinking about walking as an option?  Jesus was quite a walker, after all. 
Twists and turns and three thousand steps and we were there. 

My prayer during this vacation has been to do as Jesus does. I’m not pleased with how often I can get irritated by others. I’ve been in a lot of crowds and lines–at the game, waiting for and riding on Marta, at the movie, and the like. My quotidian–self without a collar (and sometimes with) can be so cranky. 
My prayer has been to be patient and kind and delight in the people God puts in my path. Sometime I say yes. Sometimes I have to say forgive me. 
Walking back to the hotel, a man pushing a baby buggy with his life possessions responded to my greeting with, “Beautiful smile.”  Oh yes. Thanks, God. 
Too many steps to walk to the mountains, we’re on our way by car for more beauty. Everyday. 

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