Stopping to watch what Jesus does

In the mountains of northern Georgia, I stop. So I can watch what Jesus does. 

The phrase “watch what Jesus does” is from a Richard Rohr quote that I read yesterday morning from a daily reflection I read on my mobile device called inward Outward. This little devotional comes by email and is one of the two that are part of my morning quiet. I also read a thought for the day from the Iona Community and the Forward Day by Day which has a convenient link to the Daily Office. 
Because I can read these holy words on my phone or tablet, this morning practice can travel with me wherever I go. 
Today it is a screened porch on. a green mountain ridge. 

Yesterday it was a table in a cafe in Atlanta. 
The day before that it was waiting for the plane in Houston. 
Having filled my heart, spirit and soul with words by people holier and wiser than me, I pray that I can more naturally make part of the the rhythm of the day to be Jesus for others and to see Jesus in others.  I’m watching. 

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