Sunday at New Hope

On the fourth day with my family in Oregon, after a little Paddington Bear Movie, bacon and eggs for breakfast, and some playing with new birthday toys, I went my son and his family to church. 

After depositing the boys in Sunday School, and stopping by the coffee bar for beverages, we went to adult worship. The liturgy was reminiscent of the structure of Sunday School in my Baptist growing up days–though definitely more upscale. A prayer, contemporary praise music led by band and song leaders, announcements, more music, a long Bible teaching with practical application, another brief prayer, a final song while a collection was passed, and we were good for the week.  Everything was very well thought out beforehand (from this professional point of view). I like worshipping in places away from home, and I especially love worshipping with my family. 

The boys are napping. We’re off to a water venue later.  It’s been in the high 90’s, and with no air conditioning, I’m reminded of trips to my grandmas’ farms in the summer and all we did to stay cool. Fans blowing and blinds drawn during the day, walks to the park taken early before the heat hits, food preparation done without using an oven, sleeping at night with windows open to breezes and cooling air and outside sounds.  It’s summer and this is what it’s supposed to be like. Thankfully, there aren’t the bugs or humidity of Houston. 
My heart is full of gratitude. It is enough. 

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