First Thursday in Advent: Repent

After lunch in Chimayo yesterday, I went to the Santuario de Chimayo to pray for the ever so many people I carry in my heart. It’s a strange place full of images of dying, bloodied Jesuses. I wonder what spirituality finds consolation in that?  Yet, amidst, for me, the visually uncomfortable space, the air is thick with prayer. I was still and with God. 

The drive up the High Road to Taos was as stunning as always, with drifts of leftover snow along the way.  Having sat with God, I was keenly aware of a couple of important matters that I had left undone, not because I was too busy but clearly because of sloth. I wanted to talk to my friend about this, but was hesitant. I’m not sure why. Finding the small courage to confess, I was able to be energized to do those things I’d left undone. 
This morning, as I received some lovely responses to doing those things that had been left undone, I was struck by the Society of St. John the Evangelist word of the day:  repent.   
Repentance:The power God offers of turning a corner, changing direction, to walk with God, rather than in disharmony. 
It’s like cinnamon toast and coffee enjoyed in front of a roaring fire. 

2 thoughts on “First Thursday in Advent: Repent

  1. I had forgotten all about Chimayo until I read this post. Nauman and I stopped there in 2011 when I was pregnant (and terrified) with Yasmin and Kiran. We intended just to look around but then I went into the chapel and prayed for our growing family. Nauman bought some holy water there and I remember laughing, saying that we were trying to cover all our religious bases. Thanks for the reminder of this special place.


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