First Friday in Advent: Worship

As a person paid to lead worship, I’ve thought an awful lot about what worship means. At the heart of worship, for me, is that it’s all about God. Worship has a sense of intentionality and presence. 

Every morning of the Advent retreat begins with enjoying the wonder of the day’s unique gift of sunrise.
A moment to give thanks to God. Worship. 

My friend builds a fire, and on the couch before the hearth, we sit mainly in silence with our coffee, reading, writing, photographing, pondering, praying. Worship. 
One of the biggest decisions to be made on the Advent retreat is where worship in community will occur. It should be a given: whatever Episcopal Church is closest, but for some reason, having this rare opportunity for choice makes it a place for me to reflect on what worship is, and not being alone, my friend’s thoughts are part of the conversation, too.   
Being intimately involved in all the twists and turns of the Church, I am aware what an imperfect vessel we the Church are. It, frankly, can be a distraction. I am thankful to be reminded this cold Advent morning that worship is not about me, ever, but always about God. 
For today, I will think on Psalm 96. I will worship God in the beauty of holiness and, for now, that is enough. 

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