A Sunday without church

Turns out the local church in Seydisfjordur is still on its winter schedule, and there is no Sunday worship until next Sunday. So this Lord’s Day will be one without church. 

My friend and I decided to be intentional about making it a Sabbath. It was a gift of rest and ceasing after the lengthy, challenging drive on Saturday.  
We walked to breakfast and then made use of the washer and dryer in the local campgrounds to clean our very dirty clothes.  

Between loads, we spent the morning not in worship but in the restaurant across the street, drinking hot tea and coffee, then sharing a muffin, and then splitting the most amazing salad prepared with local greens. We chatted and wrote and stopped. 

After lunch we strolled around town, capping the afternoon with a walk up a steep hill with waterfalls side by side to a sculpture at the summit created to capture local sounds. 

On my walk down, mindfully stepped with my walking stick in hand to help me stay upright, I used the time to pray for all near and dear, allowing particular intercessions to bubble up with each foot placed on the rocky path. With the beauty surrounding me, having sung Laudate Dominum in the perfect sound space, it was very good church on this Sunday in Iceland. 

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