One rainy day of enough

 It is my final full day in Iceland. Today is a road trip from Vik to KEF outside Reyjkavik–a three hour drive for most folks, but of course my friend and I love to meander. 

It’s a rainy day. This is the weather we expected, but today is the first day we’ve had this much rain.  Less hiking, less photographing, but still enough.   

Despite the rain, we made two quick walks to stunning waterfalls. Enough. 

In this land of plenteous sheep, yarn is the only bargain (except, of course, God’s artwork).   I even found yarn in the grocery store!  Still enough. 

This is the first day that I found what I had expected to find everywhere–local yarn, hand spun and hand dyed.  Yet more enough. 

I’d also expected, in this land of frequent and abundant art in the most unlikely places, to find (too) many opportunities for my favorite craft, pottery.  The small amount I found was very dear. Today, however, at a morning cappacino stop in a small town, I found my Iceland cup to bring home. Thank you to the parishioner who gave me a gift of money for my trip that enabled me to do this.  Generously enough.  

We stopped for a late lunch in Selfoss at the kind of spot I expected to find often, and have only today found. A place with soup and bread and hot tea and locals gathering. Deliciously enough.  

Six hours after we began our three hour drive to the airport hotel, the GPS says that it’s little over an hour drive left to go. 
I’ll see how much more enough there is before we arrive at tonight’s destination. 

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