Epiphany in New Mexico

My annual Advent rest in New Mexico has become an Epiphany journey to New Mexico this year.  One thing and another has made this the season to come for my annual trip.   It is part of discovering new rhythms on my life pilgrimage.

I’m finding myself deeply pondering and needing more time for contemplation than usual as I search to find words for where my heart is.  As I move towards the twenty-fifth anniversary of my ordination and two decades serving as Rector of St. Mary’s, I am full of thought.

Last night, my very best traveling friend and I went to see Hidden Figures, an outstanding film about courageous women of color who made a significant difference by addressing issues of racism, education, and human rights through their everyday jobs.

I was particularly mindful as I watched of  those cultural practices portrayed in Hidden Figures  that are now unacceptable yet were all too common in the 1960’s. People bravely stood up and said, one by one, in small and not so small ways, that issues of basic justice were at stake.

What issues of justice and peace am I called to say, enough?  On my heart are the many ways that we do not respect the dignity of every living person particularly through the words we choose to use and through the availability of health care, education, and food.  How do I share the abundance I have received?

In Hidden Figures, the women were nourished by their faith communities (and lots of “thank you Jesus-es”), shared meals, laughter, music, and dancing. I’m reminded of a Zimbabwe saying:

If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing. 

As I rest and sing and dance in snowy Taos, I expect I’ll return home with clearer discernment.

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