The Twenty Four Project

This is one of those days when I can walk through the hours and know exactly where I was twenty four years ago today.

It was an unseasonably cold day in Houston, and I was surrounded by many of the people I loved. I was preparing to be ordained priest in Christ’s one holy catholic apostolic Church.

I have received so much more than I could begin to give since I’ve been ordained. As I went to sleep last night, like an opening montage at the Academy Awards, images of the richness of my experiences these past twenty four years and the people who have invited me to walk with them on their spiritual journies danced through my prayers.

To celebrate those twenty four years of blessings I’m going to create the Twenty Four Project. I’ve set aside $2400 from my discretionary fund to use as needed to give to twenty four organizations and ministries as the Spirit leads.

To begin my day, I made a commitment to knit prayer shawls for Native American elders.   Joy Moody, at Lupine Fiber Arts in Maine,  started this project after learning that Native elders were literally freezing to death during the winter on our American reservations because of insufficient heat, indoor plumbing, or adequate shelter.

One of the practices my very best traveling friend and I have is to support local outreach ministries in the places we visit. From The Isle of Iona to Tybee Island, Georgia, we’ve found great joy, and yes, fun, thinking of creative ways to share our abundance.

I can think of no better way to dance and sing my Epiphany in New Mexico.

3 thoughts on “The Twenty Four Project

  1. Congratulations Beth, you are an extraordinary Priest. I am thankful to God for calling you. For the church's wisdom in ordaining you, and for your courage to step out into the unknown 24 years ago.


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