The Twenty Four Project: A beginning

As part of my celebration of twenty four years of ordained priestly ministry, I decided to ask some folks who had been important on my journey during this Epiphany visit in Taos who I could support in thanksgiving for them. 
Number 2 of the Twenty Four Project was to Environment New Mexico.

I went to visit Bonnie, a massage therapist, with a gift for healing.   Every year when my very best traveling friend and I come to Taos, her husband graciously pays for the gift of a massage. Bonnie has blessed me each year through her healing hands. 

Environment New Mexico was the nonprofit Bonnie wanted me to support in her honor. This group works for clean water, clean air, and open spaces in New Mexico. As someone who has savored the blue skies and wide vistas of this beautiful state, I am delighted to be part of insuring this for future generations. 

Number Three of the project was to the University of New Mexico’s Education Program through the Harwood Museum.  This program inspires Taos area youth to think creatively, particularly underserved children in a population that is 56% Hispanic or Latino and 8% Native American. As someone who is passionate about arts in education and providing excellent educational opportunities for those with less financial resources, I am very pleased to do this.

I gave to the Harwood’s Education Program in honor of my friend, Abby.   Abby  is a local artist whose pottery holds the food I eat most everyday. After the flood, I would particularly select pieces of her pottery for my meals as a tangible sign of love and support.  Abby personally knows the great value of arts education, and it is important to her that those opportunities be available for all children and youth. In a time when arts education is too often viewed as an add-on rather than an essential part of a core curriculum, I am grateful to share my abundance to insure funding for children and the arts. 

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