Epiphany in Taos: Not so Stray Hearts

I woke up in the middle night and had some pondering time. I was pondering the companions I have found traveling to New Mexico each year.  Most, if not all, though people of faith, hope, and love, have no formal connection to a faith community. I’m not certain if any would say they follow Christ. Yet being with them, I find my own faith growing and being deeply enriched. They are always accepting of my faith journey and our conversations are rich.

Having begun the 24 Project here, I gave to organizations that might not have been on my own list yet each organization furthered God’s good work.

Project #4 was to Stray Hearts Animal Shelter. I’ll be honest. I love animals, but for me, caring for animals is always second to providing for the needs of people.  Yet I know that among God’s first words to us in Scripture was a charge to care for all of creation. As I drove the streets of wintery Taos, handmade signs had been placed beside the road reminding folks to bring their animals in for nights that were sub-freezing temperatures.

I gave to Stray Hearts in honor of Pablo and Lydia, owners of The Coffee Apothecary.  Pablo and Lydia opened our new favorite coffee place in Taos only five weeks ago. Not only do they brew the most delicious coffee in town (and some other places, too), what makes this our new favorite is the amazing hospitality.  Smiles and warm personal greetings abound, and after your first visit, they
remember your beverage of choice. We’ve come at least once each day of our stay.

My heart was moved to tell them about the 24 Project, and a request to give in their honor.  What followed was an beautiful conversation the joy of giving.

Today is my last day in Taos. As we prepare to leave town, we stopped for coffee at the Apothecary. We were greeted by name, and Pablo and Lydia were so hoping to see us before we leave town. They
gifted us with our final cappuccino and latte until the Epiphany trip next year.

For we’ve discovered a new rhythm.  The quiet of January in Taos fits our travel style far better than the bustle of Advent. It’s been a slow and good rest, with time for creativity, friends, and much laughter.

One thought on “Epiphany in Taos: Not so Stray Hearts

  1. so glad that you got to share community with Lydia and Pablo! I look forward to looking back over your blog posts. What a wonderful way to hustle kindness, pay it forward, to share the blessings 🙂


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