Unexpected Road Trip

The news you never want to wake up to at 3.30 in the morning for your 7.30 AM flight:    CANCELLED. The good news was that I’d been rebooked on the flight arriving at 10.30 tonight except the purpose of my visit was to attend an Indigo Girls–Joan Baez–Mary Chaplin Carpenter concert that would have been done by then. Sigh.

A very helpful United agent helped me find alternate flights that would get me there in time. So I’m going to Raleigh via Charlotte, and my friend waiting for me in Durham is driving over to pick me up so we can make it to the concert. Road trip with a bonus of a first class upgrade!

And when it looked like at 4 this morning that I was going to miss the concert I did remember to pray–for God to get me where I needed to be today.

Thanks, God. Traveling Mary is on her way to a concert in North Carolina.

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