God’s Good Traveling Mercies

After an hour wait on the tarmac in Houston before taking off,  I finally arrived in North Carolina. My friend was waiting to pick me up so that we could do the three hour drive to our concert. 
We stopped about halfway to get some bug spray for the outdoor venue.   Afterwards, my friend met me at the car with the question, “Could you stay another day for a concert?”  
Turns out that the concert we’d both traveled many miles to attend had been cancelled due to bad weather.  It was rescheduled on Wednesday night, a few hours after my flight home. 
Remembering I’d put this trip in God’s good hands at four that morning, we peacefully grabbed a bite at the local burger place and pondered what to do next.  On a whim, I called United once again. Yes, they were happy to change my flight to the morning after the concert, and since I’d already been inconvenienced by a cancelled flight, they’d wave all fees. 
Now I’m coming back on the early flight Thursday, home in plenty of time for my Thursday appointments. 

It was lovely after a day of travel having a quiet evening chatting and laughing at the hotel. Today I am on slow time in Durham.  I have a conference call in a few minutes, but I’ll do it outside drinking coffee at a favorite place of one of my clergy friends. 

Then I’ll see what the day has in store.  God is the best travel agent ever.

One thought on “God’s Good Traveling Mercies

  1. I am so glad that God orchestrated your journey so that everything fell into place. You never know what surprises he has in store for you. Tell Ginny hi and hugs to both.


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