On my way

I’m sitting in Newark on a (planned) five hour layover. I’m waiting for my flight to Iceland which will lead to another flight which will end in the Faroe Islands for a week and one half visit.

This thrice delayed trip is finally going to happen. My best friend and I were ticketed and reserved when her car was totaled by a drunk driver. After nearly a year of painful healing, we were ticketed and reserved again and then postponed, as were so many, by the pandemic.

After a lot of planning and replanning and COVID testing, holding our breath, we are nearly on our way.

The day’s journey began by praying Episcopal Worship to Anchor Your Day. I planned our airport arrival to be there in time and then completely forgot. My friend has an alarm set to remind her to join, so she nudged me as I was going to get a snack and asked if I weren’t going to pray. Whew!

The entertaining part of waiting in the portion of the airport where international flights depart is the great variety of people. It’s also interesting to hear the many different COVID protocols for each country boarding. My friend mistook the Starbucks line for the long line checking health documents for those flying to Mumbai. Thankfully, she self corrected before boarding.

As we listen to calls to board: Amsterdam, Dublin, Brussels, Milan, London, Mumbai, Paris, United Emirates, and, yes, even Fort Meyers, we’ve imagined boarding those planes. As people race and scramble and misplace documents, there are plenty of opportunities to pray.

Traveling mercies wherever you travel this day. Wherever.

One thought on “On my way

  1. I am so happy to know you both are able to make this cherished journey! I am going to take this as a sign! Time for noticing, time for adventure, and, above all, hope.Godspeed!!!!!Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Phone.


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