A stop and stay day in Iceland

We were welcomed on our early morning arrival with the remnants of Hurricane Henri. So we hopped in our rental car and drove to spot the erupting volcano. Iceland!

I recently read a book about slow travel. It’s about hunkering into a place and staying long enough to be immersed in local living.

I’m doing that in the Selfoss (southwestern Iceland) area—for two days. It’s wonderful having no place to go except wherever you are.

Jet lagged, my best friend and I kept thinking we would check into our hotel early, but kept finding places to stop and stay.

A place to stop and to enjoy coffee and local pastries in a small town.

A place to stop and paint in my journal.

A place (many places, actually) to stop and wonder at thermal energy being released.

A place to stop and visit with the Iceland ponies.

And, when I finally arrived at my hotel, a place to stop and simply be with the view.

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