Five kilometers or less

Our hotel, sitting on the River Varga, was peacefully lovely, and we lolled the morning having a very leisurely breakfast and then sitting on our deck writing and reading and looking at the beautiful views that surrounded us.

We spent the afternoon driving up and down and around the main road in Hvergardi, population less than 3000.

We enjoyed soup, bread baked in a thermal oven, and hummus for lunch. The vegetables in the soup were likely grown in one of the local greenhouses that supply the fruits and vegetables for Iceland.

We took walks around the local garden and then on up a path that went beside a waterfall.

On our search for afternoon coffee, we happened upon the local art museum. They were featuring work by a woman artist and also had a video installation of women “taking over” the gallery.

After a final coffee of the day, which included a long conversation with the waitstaff, a woman who had lived in Atlanta for nine years, it was nearly six in the evening. It had been another slow day—traveling less than three miles.

Now it was time to drive back to Keflavik and prepare for the trip Friday morning to the Faroe Islands.

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