Back in the Faroes

The airport windows have poetry at Keflavik

After a walk in the rain to the airport from our hotel, we had a leisurely wait at Keflavik awaiting our flight to the Faroe Islands.

A short one hour flight became a bit longer after we circled and circled the Faroes looking for an opening in the fog so we could land.

After going through a tent to have a COVID test, (my third this week for travel), we were on our way in our Citroen.

The hospitality and ease at the airport was typical Faroese. Many words of welcome and smiles, with the car rental agent doing a very first ever—coming out to the car to make sure we understood everything, and then staying a while for a chat.

Curry soup and avocado sandwich outside on the harbor (we were asked to do a sort of quarantine awaiting our test results), we had an early night in our hotel overlooking the sea. It had been a long day of travel.

And the COVID test—an email in my inbox from Atlantic Airways:

English translation did follow.

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