A twenty four hour lark in Iceland

With twenty four hours between flights, my friend and I rented a car for an anything can happen twenty four hour lark in Iceland.

We had planned to go on a scenic road trip, but the weather was too cold and rainy. We sat in the warmth of the car, listening to music, and enjoyed watching the rain.

Our challenge was that we had not made an alternate plan, and we had no internet. We decided to get on the road and see what happened.

It was gray, wet, and chilly as we left the airport. The view outside the car was dreary.

We decided we would drive to Reykjavik for lunch. Using information found on photographs on our phones from prior trips, we were able to return to a favorite place from years ago. I had Arctic char and skyr mousse with rhubarb. It was beyond delicious.

We then went to church and prayed. The hushed quiet in the beautiful Hallgrimskirkja was a grace-filled gift.

The rain stopped, and we had a stroll around downtown Reykjavik.

We then walked to a favorite coffee roaster and had afternoon coffee.

The sky began to clear as we drove back to our airport hotel. It’s was a fine day—and we have sixteen hours left before we board the plane to return to the United States.

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