Evacuating to Peter Rabbit….

A year or so ago, my grandsons were watching a movie with me, and it turned kind of scary. One of them said, “Evacuate to Peter Rabbit!!!”

So we switched to a more calm, funny, comfortable movie.

It’s become a catch phrase for me whenever things get a bit too much.

Today, as a tropical storm/hurricane approaches Houston, I’m evacuating to Peter Rabbit.

My son and daughter-in-law are going on a 13th anniversary trip this week, and I had offered (such a sacrifice) months ago to fly to Oregon and work remotely and be with the grandboys.

The plan had been to leave tomorrow, right around when we were expecting the tropical storm to hit. The Diocese told us to work from home today and tomorrow (which is what I’ve been doing for a year and a half), so I changed my flight, and all connections working, I’ll have evacuated to my office in Bend, Oregon.

If I hadn’t already been through my share of hurricanes and floods, I’d feel a little bad. But I had promised to be there for my family, and I wanted to be sure I could keep my commitment. I think it may make my children feel better to know I am out of harm’s way.

As I boarded the plane, the walkway to the plane was starting to hold water, and there was a leak I had to walk under to get onboard.

So Peter Rabbit prayers for us all as we navigate whatever challenge floats in front of us today.

Here’s a carrot.

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