Our church today

It’s Sunday and my Bend family is kind of between churches. I checked around, and Bend still has COVID safety protocols in place (yay! everyone masking). But that meant there wasn’t much in the way of church that would actually be worship for a third and sixth grader.

Still it’s Sunday. So I looked around for how to do church today. First, I reminded my grandboys why we do church ( well, lots of reasons—but one is to give God a gift of our time).

We said the Lord’s Prayer, put some kid’s praise music on, and and drove to a nearby labyrinth at the Lutheran church and walked our worship.

As is their labyrinth walking custom, the boys ran the path in, paused at the center, and walked a straight line back out.

While I walked my more contemplative prayer, my ears were filled with the sounds of my grandsons running and playing and laughing around the church’s beautiful prayer garden.

Nearly an hour later, when we left, one grandboy said, “That felt good.”

And God said, “It is very good.”

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