A lark in Mexico

My son planned to have a fortieth birthday celebration in Cancun. And then there was a pandemic.

So he rescheduled his trip for this week and invited me to come along. My mother said, “Isn’t that sweet that he wants his mama to come along?“

How could I miss a few days with my Bend family? I’ve already offered to spend grandboy time so my son and wife can have couple time. Of course!

My flight was an easy one—and I saw rainbows in the clouds as we flew over the Caribbean. It is supposed to rain a bit while we are here so I’m hoping to see more.

I’ve been here more than a couple of hours, negotiating slow immigration and travel between terminals. People have been very gracious and helpful. My Bend family has landed and is now making their own way through immigration.

This is the cleanest airport I’ve ever been in though nary a chair in sight. My suitcase is my makeshift sit upon. This whole trip has been the most mask conscious of the pandemic.

I have wifi so I can text and read and write. I have my music. So I’m in Cancun. Waiting. On slow time. Because that’s we do.

One thought on “A lark in Mexico

  1. My smile for your Mama’s heart is as wide as, well, the sky! (Lacking better metaphor.)
    Memories to engrave on your heart! More of them.
    Thank you, Father. for the love of family! Especially Moms and sons!j


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