A luxury resort for all

I’m not sure that I’ve ever been to a resort before. But one of the great things about oldering is there are always wonderful new things to experience. At the Moon Palace Grand Resort in Cancun everything is beautiful and there is always someone close by to make my good life even better.

As someone who lives alone, I am used to watching out for myself, and so I have reveled in others being nearby to tend to me.

My food was paid for with my room, and my son encouraged me to try foods I wouldn’t have wanted to risk paying for. Always concerned about wasting food, here it is perfectly acceptable to order something for only a taste.

My morning coffee and a bowl of Mexican pastries has been delivered to my room to begin my day. Yesterday I had avocado toast with my early coffee. The day before a bowl smoothie with fresh fruit was carried to my door.

Yesterday we went out into the jungle to tour Ek Balam Mayan ruins. As we traversed steps and uneven terrain, my daughter in law stayed near to make sure I was steady. It’s a gift to know I can get help if I need it, and a greater gift to have someone who anticipates when I might need a little extra assistance.

This care, generosity, and beauty has come with a price tag which I willingly paid to share a vacation my Bend family. Time and again this gift of abundance has drawn me back to the deeper awareness of the abundance that God has given to me—and each and everyone of us—for free.

Time and again this trip I have been delighted by the grand surprises that God places before me. Prayers of worry tended to. Gifts of creation that pop into my path. Joy of sitting at a table with people I love. Peace sitting on my deck in the morning with birds singing me a song of greeting.

Only a privileged few can come to a luxury resort. That is the way of the world. All of us live in the kingdom of God. Now. That is the way of God. There is no comparison to the true luxury of God’s Palace.

I am grateful.

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