Isolation in Iceland

Being alone and COVID positive in a foreign country, I am learning how resilient I am, AND how much I need other people—and we all need each other.

I got an official email from the Icelandic government telling me what health protocols to take. I am doing my best to keep others safe but without my people near, I have to leave isolation to get food and supplies. I can do this for myself, but it reminds me of how important other’s acts of kindness are.

I’m amazed at the delicious food I can find at the local Bonus grocery. So many delicious choices!

I’ve been able to set up a little office in my hotel room, and between naps, working via zoom using my iPhone and iPad. My internet connection is excellent, and I have easy charging stations next to my desk. I’m a bit slower than usual, and I’m finding extra time to pray for congregations and people I serve as I move through my work tasks.

How amazing I can be sick in Iceland and still work remotely.

I have a rent car, and I have learned to get about Keflavik. I can pretty much find every place I need without a map. I smile when I see the KFC (yes, that KFC) which is one of the signs I’m near my morning place to walk in quickly to get my coffee and morning roll. Everyday I find a new sight or item to enjoy. What Icelandic surprise will I find today?

I’m amazed that I’m being given the gift to “live” in a small town in Iceland for a week.

Every little text or email or phone call from home helps me get through the day. All sorts of people sending me kind words and offering prayers.

Why am I amazed at the difference those prayers and words make? They are not onlys (as in only a prayer or only a text)—they are tangible gifts of God’s love.

After nearly two weeks on the road, I had the hotel do some laundry. No laundromats in Iceland, it turns out. Folks have their own washer or share one in their housing unit. It was a great gift to have my neatly folded clean clothes delivered to my room.

Aren’t clean clothes amazing?

When I went to the hospital this past Monday hoping to get a “fit to fly” clearance, I prayed that if it were safe for me to fly (that is, not make others ill), I’d be able to leave. I’ll admit that I wept at what I believe was God’s answer—that I needed to stay away from others. I’m hoping for a “yes” tomorrow when I hopefully see a doctor. For today, I am thankful for the good gifts that God is giving me. In Iceland.

In Iceland!!!!

5 thoughts on “Isolation in Iceland

  1. Praying for you. Thank you for your words and resilience. You are so loved – and your embrace of the possible, the simple, the basic as you move through this time is a lesson. I imagine God smiling! May I walk as you are, dear Beth+.


  2. You are such a blessing Beth. May we all remember, in the difficult times, that we are never really alone. Take care- prayers for your test tomorrow and everyday.


  3. Dear Beth,

    So sorry to hear that this awful COVID has found its way to you and I pray that this email finds you well enough to fly home soon.


    Penny B


  4. I am praying you’ll be well enough to return soon. I’m also thanking God for these insights you’ve shared. May I always be grateful for the community that surrounds me; the special friends and family members who love, encourage, and teach me; and all the comforts I take for granted.


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