And now a German lark

I’m still testing positive for COVID but the doctor at the hospital wrote me a note that I hope will allow me to enter the US. I’m feeling better than I have all week and never had fever. I’ll still mask and do my best to keep others safe. Thankfully, the airline I am flying home on still requires masks.

I’m on a midnight flight to Frankfurt. There I catch a direct flight to Houston. If all goes as planned, I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.

I did a last drive around Keflavik, my little Iceland home, before I did my final packing up. Everyday I’ve had some (not so) little unexpected gift. This evening, I soaked in all the Iceland beauty one last time—mountains and sea and birds.

New wildflowers have started to bloom, and I stopped to enjoy them.

It’s turned bitter cold, so I am back to layers with my coat and hat. It seems strange to think of the opposite weather I’ll be experiencing, I hope, tomorrow.

I’m still processing all this trip had taught me but what I am sitting with now is the reminder to expect twists and turns. I know that God will be beside me, and actually, truth be, always going before me, often silent and inseen. I know that eventually things will sort out. One way. Or another.

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