A wedding in the Catskills

I met my brother, Austin, at Newark today, and we made the beautiful two hour drive to Mountain Dale, New York, for a weekend in a part of the world where I’ve never been before. New birds! New flowers! New landscapes!

My nephew is getting married on Saturday, and I’ve been invited to officiate. It’s a family event in the Catskills.

My other brother, Richard, rented a historic (1850!) home where many of us will be staying.

I’ve spent a great deal of zoom-time this past few weeks planning the wedding with Andrew and Hannah. They had originally planned to be married two years ago, but we all know what happened. Like it did to so many others who had to delay important gatherings.

I’ve had such a good time with Andrew and Hannah, two artists (dancer/musician/actor), as they re-crafted the Episcopal marriage liturgy and made it their own. Such deep and wondering conversations about God that fills a priest aunt with joy!

Tonight we all settle in. Tomorrow the pre-festivities begin. I am jumping up and down spiritually to see what God had in store.

2 thoughts on “A wedding in the Catskills

  1. Thinking about you and all who will attend the wedding. I’m praying for boundless joy as Andrew and Hannah exchange their vows!!!


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