Percy’s Manhattan Adventure begins (and ours continues)

After a late night, and our second day of walking over 10K steps, Austin and up were up, relatively early for us, for our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Chapter 1).

Why the Met? That’s where Percy discovered that there was something even more curious about himself when a Fury tried to kill him in the Greek exhibit, and Percy defeated her with his pen which transformed into a bronze sword (and no one was able to see him do it because a mist surrounded him. In the Museum!)

More train and bus rides, we started our tour with the eight item Met Percy Jackson scavenger hunt. Austin found them all in thirty five minutes.

Where to go now? Using our MET map, Austin became our tour guide. More Greek and Roman art, then travel through ancient Asia and Egypt.

We stopped for lunch in the cafeteria, then we were off again. The Middle Ages, Vermeer paintings and Cassett prints (for me) and the music room (for Austin). The European painting rooms were closed so we have a reason to come back.

All day our conversation was a lively back and forth, each of us sharing our unique knowledge and points of view.

For example, the Temple of Dendur, which had been relocated from Egypt to prevent its destruction by the Aswan Dam, elicited an interesting chat about why it was no longer housed in the *Sackler* room.

Another bus and train ride back to hotel, we decided to call it an early night, with a Liberty Bagel feast, and a streaming of the original Spider-Man, which somehow, Austin had never seen—chosen by him because it is set in NYC.

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