Percy Jackson: Chapters 2–13 or 2 Planes, 4 Trains, and 5 Automobiles

Wednesday we were up early to replicate, sort of, Percy’s trip to Camp Half Blood in Montauk, at the far end of Long Island.

Ubering and train-ing, we rented a car and began the two and one half hour drive to Montauk. The trip through woods and towns with glimpses of the ocean, was even more delightful as we listened to The Lightening Thief in the car. As we heard the words, we could reminisce about places seen and places ahead. Thankfully, we were not attacked by a Minotaur.

Imagining Percy’s adventure, we ended up at the very tip of Long Island by the Montauk lighthouse where Austin had a zen moment building a cairn.

We took brief hikes around Fort Hero and drove around the Montauk area, listening to The Lightning Thief and picturing Percy’s adventures.

We ended our cold and windy day with a walk for local ice cream.

We were up very early Thursday morning for the drive back to Jamaica (the train station, not the country), with more Lightening Thief listening.

Three trains later, we were in New Jersey, thankfully without an encounter with Medusa or being turned into stone. Not needing the aid of rescuing a cat to buy our ticket, we were on our way back to Redmond.

Hopefully, we’ll meet up with Percy again in St. Louis next trip. After all, we only got Percy to Denver in our book listening. Austin may be able to fly us there.

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